Shakya Restaurant

C-97, DDA Flats Kalkaji, Jawaharlal Nehru Camp, Kalkaji, New Delhi, Delhi, India

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. Hygiene The boost in cleanliness from a paper menu to a QR menu cannot be overstated. 2. Customer Experience Every customer of yours has a smartphone. That means every customer has instant access to your menu     wherever you place your QR code in your restaurant. 3. Printing and Paper Costs :-A single paper menu, uncoated and in black and white, costs about 50 cents. 4. Environmentally Friendly :-The fact that every single guest that touches your menu necessitates that menu’s disposal is not good for a restaurant’s carbon footprint. 5. Organization Agility :-Menus change a lot. And you may have multiple types of menus. Whether that’s your strategy or you’re running out of ingredients,    menus are dynamic. 6. PRE-ORDER: GET ORDERS IN ADVANCE, SAVE TIME 7. DELIVERY: YOUR FOOD IS AVAILABLE ANYWHERE 8. TAKEAWAY ORDER: IMPRESS CLIENTS WITH SERVICE SPEED 9. Your customers will feel safe For you to take care of your customers' health and safety, it has always been a top priority.  

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