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QR Code means a Quick Response which a code through this you can further process. QR code is basically used for doing the payments and other various things.

What is QR CODE & their Working??

QR Code means a Quick Response which a code through this you can further process. QR code is basically used for doing the payments and other various things. QR Code means a code that is a trademark for a matrix barcode; it may be a 2-dimensional barcode or others. A QR Codes mainly consist of different types of encrypted data like numeric, alphanumeric & bytes. As we all know QR Code is consists of information or data for locator, identifier, and tacking the website or application. QR Code is also used for booking orders and knows about the menu in restaurants and other places. This QR Code will help people post COVID-19 in restaurants and other public places for their safety.

Working Of QR Code Scanner

QR code is a Quick Response media to take the information of transitory media. QR Code scanners easily scan the QR code. A QR code is shown in squares grid form, which has black background images on a square white background. This square grid can be read by the camera and other various applications which has a built-in camera to scan Qr Code. Until the Square grid image can be appropriately interpreted, it’s can’t be processed further. After the appropriate interpretation of the square grid, we can proceed further. The QR Code is present in both horizontal and vertical components of the image.

Step of QR Code Scan

  • To Scan QR Code there is various way, you can scan your Camera app and point it steadily for 2-3 seconds towards the QR Code you want to scan or you can scan QR Code through the various applications.
  • When scanning is enabled, a notification will appear on the screen, you will redirect to another screen.
  • If nothing happens, you may have do changes in your Settings and enable QR Code scanning.
  • If you are unable to scan to QR Code there are various reasons like Internet speed issue and maybe the positioning of the scanner.
  • There are various other reasons of not to scan the QR Code is maybe your phone is too away or maybe two far so try to move slowly towards the QR Code.

Way of QR Code Scan 

There are various ways of QR Code scanner, multiple applications on Google play store. In most of the costly and branded phones like Apple, Samsung and other companies provided a scanner in their camera. But there are some other companies, which don’t have these options in their camera of Mobile phones.

Kaspersky’s QR code reader and scanner

NeoReader Barcode Scanner

Bar-Code reader

Google Screen Search

The Google Lens app

There are various applications, which are available on Google Play store. Few applications are coming in mobile phones by defaults.


Usage of QR Codes

QR Code is used in various systems like Business cards, Books, Product packaging & Tickets too. QR code is used for doing payments through various modes like Paytm, PhonePe, and other applications.


QR code is used for various purposes and in various services. If you want to register yourself or generate a QR code please visit this link